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News Kansas church celebrates first year of new life in a new Holy Place

Kansas church celebrates first year of new life in a new Holy Place

It’s a classic story of a church that started many years ago, grew in its heyday, and then found itself struggling more recently with an unclear purpose in an ageing building with a large mortgage.

However, the story of Shawnee Park Community Christian Church (formerly Shawnee Park Christian Church) in Shawnee, Kansas, doesn’t end there.

Shawnee Community Christian ChurchTheirs is a story of a courageous congregation that “got it!” Realizing that the church is not just the building, they went through the intentional process of discernment about their future (with the help of Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation’s New Beginnings service), resulting in a bold decision to sell their property and relocate to a rented space (with the help of Disciples Church Extension Fund’s relocation service). A year ago, they moved into their new Holy Place, starting over as a new church (Pastor Johnny Lewis is a former Hope Partnership Leadership Academy participant). In their new leased Holy Place, they’re dedicating themselves and their resources to mission for their neighbors in need.

No one tells the story better than Shawnee Park itself. Read “Our Story (Why we left the building)” and more on their website.

Feed the Need Food Packing Event

Moreover, nothing illustrates their story better than how they plan to celebrate their first anniversary as a congregation. On Sunday morning, they will worship and then partner with the local Youthfront’s Something to Eat™ program in a Feed the Need Food Packing Event to package meals for hungry neighbors near and far.

If you think that your congregation needs to move, please visit for more information about Disciples Church Extension Fund (DCEF)’s relocation service.

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As your partner in ministry, DCEF offers planning services and tools that can help you set a course for effective, efficient and mission-driven building use.

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