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Borrow Loan Application Process

Loan Application Process

arrow 1Contact.

Contact us and a loan advisor will work with you to gather the information needed to send you a loan application and proposed loan terms.


The congregation returns the loan application with required documents/information. If your congregation qualifies, the loan advisor will submit a loan package for approval.

Arrow 3Approval.

The staff loan committee meets every Tuesday (holidays may affect this schedule). Note that high-risk loans or loans in excess of $1 million require approval of the Disciples Church Extension Fund board of directors loan committee, which meets the third Thursday of each month.

Loan Documentation & Disbursement

Arrow 4Documentation.

In preparation for disbursement, we will request any required outstanding documentation, such as title work and property value. Once all the necessary information is received, we will prepare the loan documents.

Arrow 5Disbursement.

Once documents are signed and properly recorded, we send your congregation money!

Required Information for Loan Application & Initial Review

  1. Financial statements: Current year, plus three previous years of Balance Sheets and Income/Expense Statements
  2. Property value: Appraisal value, or Brokers Price Opinion (depends on loan criteria)
  3. Congregation statistics for the previous three years: Average worship attendance, participating membership and number of giving units (or number of tax statements issued last year)
  4. Project information: Includes bids for renovation or construction, unsigned contracts, unsigned purchase agreements and any other relevant documentation
  5. Ministry statement: Statement describing the church’s ministry and how the project will enhance it
  6. Church documents: By-laws/Articles of Incorporation/Certificate of Good Standing from your Secretary of State
  7. Repayment plan: Statement describing where the funds to repay the loan will come from (capital campaign, fundraising, operational budget or rental income)


Contact to find out how we can partner with your ministry.
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