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Accessibility Loans

Is your church building and its facilities accessible to everyone? If not, consider an Accessibility Loan, a low-interest loan made to congregations who want to open their space for all people.

Accessibility Loan Services

Several generous Disciples Church Extension Fund donors, recognizing a need to assist congregations that want to become more accessible to all people, created the Accessibility Loan program in 1997 for Disciples congregations. These gifts are the source of a special pool of funds from which reduced-rate loans are made for qualifying projects, such as:

  • Ramps and other accessible exterior entrances
  • Accessible elevators
  • Accessible restrooms
  • Accessible chancels
  • Sensory packages (such as lighting and sound)
  • Accessible vans
  • Accessible playground and childcare equipment
  • Accessible baptistries
  • Other accessibility projects

Read Success Stories

Using God’s house to do God’s work…

When applying for a Disciples Church Extension Fund loan, Raytown Christian Church in Raytown, MO, described their renovation / repair project not just in terms of what it would mean to them, but also in terms of its impact on their community. The congregation’s capital improvements committee chair noted,

“…the focus on structure enlargement, improved entrance and access… are all important factors for our church, but the noticeable benefits also reach out to the surrounding community.”

Staying put – sometimes it’s the right thing to do

With the funds raised in capital campaigns over the last 15 years and a loan through Disciples Church Extension Fund, the congregation is ready to break ground on a completely new entrance that offers an open and well-lit gathering space and an elevator to access all three floors of the building. A member of the congregation said,

“I will get to go up to the upper level for the first time in 30 years.”

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