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Interest-free Loans

In special circumstances, Disciples Church Extension Fund makes interest-free loans to Disciples congregations and Regions. Those circumstances might include:

  • New congregations
  • Existing racial/ethnic congregations
  • Intentionally integrated congregations
  • Emergency situations, such as natural disasters. (For our Disaster Response service, please click here.)


To find out more about interest-free loan qualifications, contact
Or call 800.274.1883
En español: 866.534.1949

“Disciples Church Extension Fund inspires and empowers congregations to create Holy Places where people connect with God, each other and the community.”

In an era when buildings that have housed many congregations for decades no longer fit their ministry needs, Disciples Church Extension Fund partners with Disciples of Christ congregations to help strengthen the stewardship of their financial and capital resources so they are in a better position to do ministry where and how it is most needed.

In short, Disciples Church Extension Fund accepts investor funds from Disciples individuals and congregations, pays a competitive rate of interest, and then lends that money to congregations who seek to be prayerful stewards of their building and capital resources to further Christ’s work in the world.

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