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Refinancing Local Loans

Does your congregation need to refinance an existing loan that you have with another lender? If so, we may be able to help.

Refinancing options

In addition to offering competitive interest rates, we can refinance your loan at 100 percent. We also can include loan maintenance costs, closing costs, title fees, refinance fees, recording fees, and sometimes legal fees.

We won’t require you to refinance your loan every few years, which will avoid balloon payments, and we will never sell your loan.

To be considered for refinancing, you must provide a pay-off statement from your lender, in addition to the requirements outlined on the Loan Process page.

Success Stories

Local Loan Refinance: Cairn CC

A church board member from First Christian Church in Boulder, CO contacted Disciples Church Extension Fund about the possibility of refinancing their sizable loan. When the bank found out that the congregation was working with Disciples Church Extension Fund, it granted the church a 60-day extension. Within weeks, the loan with Disciples Church Extension Fund was approved!

Now in their new location in Lafayette, CO, with the new name of Cairn Christian Church, the congregation will be making interest-only payments on the refinanced loan, with plans to pay off the loan once their original building is sold to one of several interested buyers.

Congregation uses customized fundraising service with success

First Christian Church in Lawrenceville, GA exceeded their capital fundraising goal, which will enable them to retire a portion of their debt and refinance the balance through a loan with Disciples Church Extension Fund, which they can now afford.

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In an era when buildings that have housed many congregations for decades no longer fit their ministry needs, Disciples Church Extension Fund partners with Disciples of Christ congregations to help strengthen the stewardship of their financial and capital resources so they are in a better position to do ministry where and how it is most needed.

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