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Special Projects

We understand that sometimes congregations need loans that don’t always fit traditional categories, but are necessary for vibrant ministries, such as:

  • Relocation (for information regarding our Relocation Services, please click here)
  • Furnishings and equipment, such as pews and kitchen equipment
  • Interior decorations, such as carpet and draperies
  • Organs, pipe or electronic
  • Other musical equipment
  • Office equipment and furniture
  • Mobile/relocatable facilities
  • Vehicles, such as vans and buses
  • Audio-visual and computer equipment
  • Services
  • Architectural (for info regarding Architectural Consultations, please click here)
  • Fundraising (for Capital Campaign information, please click here)
  • Commercial and Disciples Church Extension Fund (DCEF) project soft costs, such as legal fees, closing costs, and interest during construction


Non-traditional needs

  • Lines of credit for Regions, general units, colleges, seminaries, recognized organizations, and congregations with an average worship attendance of 175 or more
  • Special projects
  • New ministries
  • Outreach projects, such as commercial community kitchens, green space and gardens, thrift stores, and more


See if your congregation qualifies.

For information regarding our other types of loans, please click here.

Contact to find out how we can partner with your ministry.
Or call 800.274.1883
En español: 866.534.1949

“Disciples Church Extension Fund inspires and empowers congregations to create Holy Places where people connect with God, each other and the community.”

In an era when buildings that have housed many congregations for decades no longer fit their ministry needs, DCEF partners with Disciples of Christ congregations to help strengthen the stewardship of their financial and capital resources so they are in a better position to do ministry where and how it is most needed.

In short, DCEF accepts investor funds from Disciples individuals and congregations, pays a competitive rate of interest, and then lends that money to congregations who seek to be prayerful stewards of their building and capital resources to further Christ’s work in the world.

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