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Disaster Response

Disaster Response

Tupelo 4When a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, flood, or earthquake, hits your church building, you may immediately receive help from Week of Compassion or the American Red Cross to meet the emotional and physical needs of your congregation. But, who is helping your congregation deal with the actual damage to your church facilities?

Disciples Church Extension Fund’s Disaster Response service is designed to assist your church leaders with the immediate challenges of securing your damaged building, navigating the worlds of insurance and construction, addressing legal concerns and much more. At no cost to your church, our experienced advisors will be on the ground to work with your congregation and the Region to ensure that the trauma of disaster isn’t compounded by the uncertainty of how to deal with building damage in the days and months that follow.


Within a day of learning about the fire that virtually destroyed First Christian Church in Lake Jackson, TX, advisor Jim Michel was on site to provide our Disaster Response service. In the ensuing months, Jim worked with Pastor Cynthia Myers, other church leaders, the Region, Insurance Board, Week of Compassion and local partners to put the church building back to rights so the congregation could continue its important ministry in the community.


When a tornado swept through Tupelo, MS, in April 2014, it took the First Christian Church building with it. Insurance and reconstruction issues also took church officials by surprise. Looking for help with their situation, First Christian Church called in Jim, who has significant experience in building construction. He met with the contracting company’s representatives to talk with them about the project cost estimates and the construction practices being used. Jim worked with the construction representatives regarding the project and its costs. He also encouraged the church to hire an outside attorney to review the contract and to work with the contractor to deliver the project at the original contract cost.

For more information on the Disaster Response service, contact Jim Michel at 800.274.1883 or


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