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Holy Places at work

Holy Places at work

Congregations of every denomination who use their building as a Holy Place where they connect with God, each other and their community are experiencing renewed vitality and purpose. Read some of their stories here:

  • Iglesia Mision La Roca, Dallas, Texas – Sometimes it just takes that extra boost to get to the finish line. Iglesia Mision La Roca in Dallas, Texas, recently received that boost when Disciples Church Extension Fund awarded the congregation our first Holy Places grant, which is a grant for the acquisition of an initial long-term Holy Place. Mision La Roca will use the grant to help with construction of their new sanctuary and fellowship and administrative areas.
  • Greenleaf Christian Church, Goldsboro, North Carolina – Greenleaf Christian Church, founded by former slaves in 1886, is a historic pillar in Goldsboro, North Carolina. The church is located in the city’s north end, known for its economic struggles, where it has developed a reputation for service to the surrounding community.
  • Eastgate Christian Church, Indianapolis, Indiana – Members of the small congregation on the east side of Indianapolis knew something wasn’t right.  Due to a lack of young families, much of the education space in Eastgate Christian Church was going unused except for the occasional Bible study class and monthly board meetings, and they were troubled by a sense that God was calling them to do and be more in the Holy Place they had inhabited since 1957. But what would that look like?
  • Real Faith Christian Church, Clarksdale, Mississippi – “We have come this far by faith” is a popular Christian song that describes the journey of Real Faith Christian Church in Clarksdale, Miss. “It has been a faithful journey,” says Zedric Clayton, pastor of the church. “By faith, I believe that God has shown our congregation the importance of Christian partnership.”
  • Downey Avenue Christian Church, Indianapolis, Indiana – What stands out about David Tryon, building manager for Downey Avenue Christian Church, is his fervent passion for helping the church while saving the environment.
  • Wayside Christian Fellowship, North Vernon, Indiana – Wayside Christian Fellowship (Disciples of Christ) celebrated its first anniversary on April 20, 2015. This small church start has had an amazing journey in the first year of its existence.
  • Laundry Love, Venice Beach, California – Some of the best conversations happen in a laundromat! In Venice Beach, Calif., a group of individuals have used this concept to form a ministry. Laundry Love gathers once a month at a laundromat to assist the homeless and those in transitional housing with washing clothes.
  • Friendship Presbyterian Church – Norwood Park Presbyterian Church and St. Andrews Presbyterian Church were in rapid decline. The congregations faced great dilemmas — old buildings, costly utilities and upkeep of property. For both churches, the resources were diminishing as the expenses to maintain the facilities were increasing. It was courageous faith that inspired the congregations to combine their ministries and form Friendship Presbyterian Church at a train station outside of Chicago in 2009. Both congregations sold their properties and joined resources to lease property at a train station.
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