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Plan Building Evaluation

Building Evaluation

A church facility is like any other building – it requires maintenance and, eventually, repair and/or updating. And, if your church building is older, as many are, the challenges of keeping up or even knowing where to start with needed maintenance/repair are sometimes overwhelming.

Why not start with Disciples Church Extension Fund’s Building Evaluation service?

We’ve designed this service to assess the condition of a congregation’s facilities and to recommend a plan to address building condition, and maintenance issues and requirements. Importantly, the Building Evaluation service teaches “Building Expertise 101” to your church members, who then will be able to recognize and address facilities issues before they get out of hand.

What does the evaluation cover?

Expert Disciples Church Extension Fund advisors and contractors with backgrounds in facilities and construction management will evaluate the following and more:

• Structure from foundation to steeple
• Heating and air conditioning/handling/ventilation systems
• Windows, including stained glass
• Electrical
• Energy efficiency
• Lighting
• Plumbing, including bathrooms
• Landscaping
• Signage
• Parking
• Safety, including fire exits/extinguishers/detectors, first aid kits
• Mold
• Accessibility (mobility, sight, hearing)
• Traffic management (hospitality)
• Storage (clutter)

How is the service delivered?

  1. A General Consultation is required before the Building Evaluation takes place if one has not already taken place. A Disciples Church Extension Fund advisor provides the on-site consultation at no cost to the congregation.
  2. A Disciples Church Extension Fund advisor or contractor visits the church to conduct the evaluation. He or she evaluates the facility in the company of a team of lay leaders, in order to teach them how to look at the building through the lens of building “experts.”
  3. The advisor or contractor writes an extensive evaluation report, complete with recommendations related to repair, remediation, replacement and maintenance.
  4. The advisor or contractor reviews the report via conference call with church clergy and lay leaders.


What does the service cost?

The fee for the Building Evaluation service (visit, evaluation, report/review) is based on the square footage of the facilities being evaluated. Talk with your Disciples Church Extension Fund advisor for more information.

For more information about the Building Evaluation service email Jim Michel at or call 800.274.1883.

Request a Building Evaluation.

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