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Plan Building Planning

Building Planning

Champion Christian Church construction celebration

The children of Champion Christian Church celebrate the construction of their congregation’s new building.

If your congregation is considering a building program, then after your General Consultation with one of our DCEF advisors, you will want to review your congregation’s mission and program to determine potential implications for building requirements. Established congregations may consider evaluating their existing building and location, while new congregations should consider their master plan for their first building.

We also recommend that your congregation have a ministry plan in place that puts your mission priorities at the center of your building project plan. Our partner, Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation, can help you and your leadership team develop that plan. Hope Partnership serves congregations by equipping courageous leaders with transformational services, such as New Beginnings and Epiphany.

Beginning the Building Planning Process

Upon receiving your congregation’s request for building planning services, a DCEF advisor will provide Building Planning Workbooks for your congregation.

DCEF offers the General Consultation at no charge to Disciples congregations.

Request a Building Planning Consultation.

Success Stories

Is your building too large? Too small? DCEF can help!

“The partnership with DCEF allowed us to re-purpose our space,” noted Rev. Hopkins. “We can plan for our congregation’s future. DCEF built up the confidence within us to do that. The shoe is not telling the foot what to do anymore.”

Northside Christian Church

Rev. Richmond says of the way partnership with Disciples Church Extension Fund supported their momentum and connection with others, “We had the benefit of the expertise of an entity that partners… for the advancement of a Christian vision… They were truly vested in seeing us be successful because they believe in what we wanted to accomplish.”

Contact to find out how your space can serve your congregation’s ministries.
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