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Plan Planning Services FAQs

Planning Services FAQs

Is it a good idea to arrange a consultation with a Disciples Church Extension Fund advisor before planning your project?
Yes. Many logistical questions arise when considering a large project. Experienced Disciples Church Extension Fund advisors can help you navigate the process.  Therefore, your first step in the process is the General Consultation, a Disciples Church Extension Fund service available at no charge for all Disciples congregations.

Do we provide architects for projects?
We only provide consulting architects upon request. We contract with several who provide a planning or feasibility study of a specific project. The purpose of an architectural consultation is to allow a church to meet with an independent architect who can help address the issues. Generally, this architect provides a report and several sketches (not drawings) of how a project might be considered. Your congregation can then use this report when you meet with your own architect or a general contractor.

What are “feasibility” studies and do we offer them?
We don’t offer a feasibility study service, but we do offer a feasibility or projection during our General Consultation for Capital Campaigns and Building Planning. The feasibility study we offer is the report in the Architectural Consultation (see the previous question). The term feasibility is used by many groups–campaign firms refer to it in fundraising and architects refer to it in building design.

How can we help with your building and property planning?
Our advisors bring many years of experience working with all kinds of Disciples congregations. We’re confident we can help your congregation, too.

Do we require you to have a ministry plan?
Your congregation will want to have a ministry plan in place that puts your mission priorities at the center of your building project plan. We can help you develop that plan.

How much do Planning Services cost?
We offer the initial, or General Consultation, at no charge to all Disciples congregations. If your congregation would like additional services, we offer a graduated fee schedule based on your congregation’s average worship attendance. We will apply your fees to loan fees if you secure a loan through Disciples Church Extension Fund.

Contact to find out how your space can reflect your congregation’s ministries.
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