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PlanRelocation Services What is the Relocation Service?

What is the Relocation Service?

The Relocation Service actually consists of bundled services, all designed to help a congregation:

  • Develop a transition plan for moving from their present place
  • Determine what locations will provide the best ministry fit for them
  • Develop a ministry plan which suits the target area
  • Find an affordable site within the target area
  • Secure any needed funding for the relocation
  • Purchase, build, rent, lease or otherwise obtain a new place for ministry
  • Plan and implement the actual move.

Who should participate?

The service will likely involve a series of consultations, with various leaders involved in one or more of them. Oversight for the entire process should involve:

  • A core planning team, which includes the pastor(s) and board chair
  • Representatives from Disciples Church Extension Fund
  • Representatives from Hope Partnership
  • A realtor
  • In some situations, the regional or area minister

When should a congregation engage in the Relocation Service?

  • After a firm decision has been made to relocate
  • Before a particular site for the new location has been chosen
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