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Wildewood ccDeciding to organize a Capital Campaign to raise money for a specific purpose — existing debt reduction, property/building purchase, new construction, renovation, relocation — can be one of the most empowering events within the life of your congregation. Done right, your ministry will flourish. Done poorly, your ministry can fall flat.

Capital Campaigns can fail for many reasons … such as spending too much or too little on the campaign, or perhaps not adequately marketing the campaign within the congregation. Whatever the reason, in this economic climate, your congregation cannot afford a poorly executed Capital Campaign.

We are here to help. On average, congregations working with Disciples Church Extension Fund raised 95.2 percent of their Capital Campaign goals.

Our advisors will work with you to design the best campaign to fund your congregation’s vision. If you cast the vision, we’ll guide your next Capital Campaign.

Contact Disciples Church Extension Fund advisors at to find out how we can partner with you.
Or call 800.274.1883
En español: 866.534.1949

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