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Raise A Tale of Two Churches

A Tale of Two Churches

Northside CC, West Point, Miss.A number of qualified companies exist that can help your congregation organize a Capital Campaign. Sometimes, things don’t work out as planned. Here are the experiences of two congregations: Northside Christian Church, West Point, MS, which hired Disciples Church Extension Fund, and the other, First Christian Church, Richmond, KY, which hired an outside consultant.

When hiring a Capital Campaign consultant, consider the stories of these congregations, and ask lots of questions. The research you do up front could save you time, money, and trouble later.

Northside Christian Church
West Point, MS

Campaign Consultant: Disciples Church Extension Fund

Cost to congregation: $1,380

Visits to congregation: 4 or 5, possibly more!

Northside CC, West Point, Miss.Congregation’s experience as shared by the Rev. Orlando Richmond, senior pastor: “In the middle of our effort to build a new sanctuary, we undertook a campaign designed to raise $250,000. I can tell you that it was cost-effective, it was a very valuable service, and as I recall, Disciples Church Extension Fund did a really good job of making sure that we did not incur unnecessary expenses for their services … that is not what we could do ourselves, they taught us how to do that. By doing that, they helped to curb some of the expenses that might otherwise have been incurred.

“We had contact with at least two different representatives … in person. One of those representatives, Eugene Randall, was there at least four or five times. Eugene and others met with our board of trustees to help with articulating the value and the goals of the campaign.

“We had the benefit of the expertise of an entity that partners in raising money for the advancement of a Christian vision. And that’s not something that everyone has experience in, nor the ability to do. For Disciples Church Extension Fund, it was not simply an effort by them to make money; they were truly vested in seeing us be successful because they believe in what we wanted to accomplish.”

First Christian Church
Richmond, KY

Campaign Consultant: Another company

Cost to congregation: $35,000

Visits to congregation: 3

Congregation’s experience as shared by the Rev. Glenn Birkett:

First CC, Richmond, KY“Sadly, we purchased their “song and dance” (to the tune of $35,000 – upfront!) because they told of their fantastic success with thousands of congregations around the world. They said their Biblical-based plan and abundant resources, when combined with our congregation’s unique DNA, would lead us to a great victory!

We had a “great victory” only because our people are wonderfully generous and because we tweaked their plan significantly! Their Biblical-based plan did not fit our mainline Disciples of Christ congregation and they had no other options; their resources were hard to find and irrelevant to us. The consultant remained disengaged and didn’t phone, e-mail, text or visit us in the six weeks before our Leadership Event. When I informed our Board that our relationship had concluded, they broke into spontaneous applause!”

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