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Raise Capital Campaign FAQs

Capital Campaign FAQs

How can our congregation justify hiring a consultant when we are trying to raise money?
Philanthropic studies show that hiring an experienced consultant increases the amount of money you can raise and your campaign’s chances for success.

When should we consider a Capital Campaign?
After your congregation has decided on a project, contact Disciples Church Extension Fund to determine next steps. Typically, it is best to conduct a Capital Campaign separately from your congregation’s annual stewardship campaign.

What should we consider when launching a Capital Campaign?
Connecting the project with your congregation’s ministry; determining your leadership and your congregation’s capacity for fundraising; and deciding on a time frame in which to conduct the campaign.

What types of projects do Capital Campaigns typically fund?
Purchase of land or buildings; construction of new buildings or renovation of existing facility; and retirement of existing debt.

How does a campaign advisor work with us?
We will help you plan your campaign, develop your leadership team and offer hands-on information and training sessions. We will work with you to develop materials and a communications plan. We’ll stay with you every step of the way, and depending on your campaign, we’ll even attend your Commitment Sunday.

How long does a campaign take?
From the initial planning through the follow-up stages, a well-executed Capital Campaign takes at least two months. If your needs are more immediate, we can advise you on ways to save time without cutting corners. For instance, depending on your goals, sometimes it’s easier and more effective to take out a loan.

How do we determine our goal?
We help your congregation evaluate its giving capacity by conducting a feasibility study. The study includes an analysis of current giving, congregation size, demographics, and the type of project.

How can we help your Capital Campaign succeed?
Our advisors bring many years of experience working with all kinds of Disciples congregations. We’re confident we can help your congregation, too.

Contact Disciples Church Extension Fund advisors at to find out how we can partner with you.
Or call 800.274.1883
En español: 866.534.1949

Since 1883, Disciples Church Extension Fund has helped Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregations plan and finance Holy Places to be used for ministry, for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ from our doorsteps to the end of the Earth. Our primary sources of funds are from Christian people who faithfully entrust dollars to us for the work of God’s Church.

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