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Investing should be more than a financial transaction. Your investments can make ministries possible while earning returns for you.

We offer a number of investment options to meet your financial needs, including retirement accounts and college funds. Additionally, you or your church might consider fixed or variable interest rate notes. Some investors become Great Commission Partners by donating a percentage of their interest income to benefit New Church ministry.

Want to apply online? Just click the following button to launch the Disciples CEF Online Investment application.



Note that the information available on this Web site does not constitute an offer to sell or a request to buy investments. We will offer and sell our securities only in states where authorized. The offer is made only in the Offering Circular, which should be read carefully regarding any investment risks.

We also recommend that you review the disclaimer which outlines state restrictions. Like mutual funds or stocks, our securities are not insured by the FDIC or any other government agency. Investments involve certain risks more fully described in the Offering Circular. Rates may change without notice.

Whatever your investment goals, contact Chris or Raul at to find out how we can partner with you.

Or call 800.274.1883
En español: 866.534.1949

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